Types Of Emergency Tooth Extractions: All You Need To Know At A Glance

At times, you may have to rush to a dentist due to a dental emergency. Such situations may even entail emergency tooth extractions. It is completely natural to feel apprehensive, but you should also have basic background knowledge about the types of emergency tooth extractions.

An important point to keep in mind before taking a decision to have a tooth removed is to contact a trustworthy emergency tooth extraction loudon dental office for help. Read on to find out more about the types of emergency tooth extractions.

The two types of emergency tooth extractions

There are two main types of emergency tooth extractions. Dentists and oral surgeons follow different procedures depending upon your condition. The position of the tooth, the health of your jawbone, and your overall health also influence the type of extraction.

Dentists generally categorize emergency tooth extractions into Simple or Surgical procedures.

Simple tooth extractions

If the tooth in question clearly sits well above your gum line then simple tooth extraction is the ideal procedure. Your oral surgeon will pull it out using an elevator, and forceps. No additional procedures such as drilling or cutting come into play.

Surgical tooth extractions

Surgical tooth extractions are complex procedures. They may involve drilling the tooth and performing surgery on the gum tissue or other areas. These two examples are only a few among varying measures. A tooth could also be in a position that makes simple extraction risky.

Summing Up

You may need emergency tooth extraction when a tooth is a major liability to your health. There are two types of extraction, namely, simple and surgical. You must contact a recommended or experienced dentist in your area who can reliably perform tooth extractions.